breastfeeding shells by Babig

A must have for your breastfeeding

Protect your breasts while breastfeeding. Babig breastfeeding shells are recommended by midwives to prevent and heal fissures. But also irritations, overheating and hyper-sensitivity.

It is recommended to use them as soon as you start breastfeeding.

100% natural

Products of nature, ecological and reusable

Prepared in France

Our shells are polished & checked in our workshops in Nantes

Fast shipping

48 hours at home or 24 hours at a relay point.

Medical device

Medical device of class I – DE 93/42/CEE

Nursing shells against cracks

The Babig breastfeeding shell is a 100% natural product from the ocean used to prevent and/or alleviate the inconvenience felt by mothers breastfeeding their child. Combined with a few drops of breast milk, it accelerates the healing of cracks in the nipples, and protects against pain related to friction of clothing.

Shellfish are recommended by 93% of midwives, due to the undeniable benefit they bring to mothers during breastfeeding. Each shell is unique, fruit of nature.

Birth boxes for Mom and Baby

What you think of Babig nursing shells

Babig and her breastfeeding shells

Babig is the breastfeeding boutique renowned for its breastfeeding shells. We are 200% convinced of the benefits of breastfeeding in the first months of life, which establishes a protective mother-child relationship, sets up a humanitarian system for the newborn, reassures the baby.

Who is behind Babig?

In our team we are proud to have several mothers, even triple mothers, who have successfully breastfed. We are passionate about breastfeeding and offer you the products that have worked for us and give you some advice to overcome the many difficulties, blues,…

We are based in Nantes but some members of the team are all over France.

Why the idea of breastfeeding shells?

Nursing shells were recommended to us by a midwife whom we thank. Indeed, shellfish facilitate the healing of cracks that may appear at the start of breastfeeding. Many of us give up breastfeeding because of this. However, when you apply nursing shells to your nipple, in a few hours (or days), the cracks disappear.

Before launching we wanted to make sure of the benefits of these shellfish and we therefore contacted nearly 3000 midwives in France. 93% of those who answered us confirmed the usefulness of breastfeeding shells. We then set out to offer them to you.

We have not reinvented this product, our competitors Babyshell or Bébé Nacre also sell it. But thanks to our know-how, we offer affordable breastfeeding shells for you and your baby. And that we are very proud of.

How to use breastfeeding shells?

Nursing shells owe their effectiveness to your breast milk. Your breast milk is naturally healing, antiseptic and moisturizing. Just massage your nipple with your end-of-feeding milk. This one is fattier and will be more protective for your breast. You then place your shell over it in your bra. The nursing shell is thus maintained and will protect your nipple from friction, irritation, keep it in a humid environment and collect the drops of milk that overflow.

Nursing shells help prevent cracks. So do not wait to have pain to use them. They are also a very nice birth gift to offer to a future mother. Ideal to include in a birth box or a birth list.

No plastic, 100% natural!

Our breastfeeding shells are 100% natural. These are limpets that are picked up from the sea to be eaten. We recover the shell only, which we polish by hand with great care. We make sure that it is not sharp, well formed, of the right size so that it adapts to your morphology.

Very easy to maintain, they are washable with water. You just need to pass them under water with a little soap to keep them clean.
Then we work on our packaging to eliminate plastic as much as possible. For example, we line our shipping boxes with recycled wood fibre.